John: My Story

I am safe here.

I was born and raised in a country home in Tennessee, being the youngest child of six. I grew up there until my mother passed away. I was 21 years old. That’s when I started getting depressed and was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder with psychotic behaviors. Not long after that I was admitted into my first psychiatric hospital in Tennessee. I was in and out of hospitals because I refused to take my medications, thinking that I didn’t need to take them. My brother from Michigan talked me into coming home with him so that I could be with him and his family and perhaps have a better life.

Living with my brother was different. I was unemployable and highly medicated. Because there were no changes and I was not feeling well after about six months, I admitted myself into a psychiatric hospital for an evaluation to find out what was going on with me. It was there that I was put on new medicines and all of my family felt that a group home would be the best place for me to live, so I moved into Goodens in Prudenville. Here, I found a new freedom. I became more independent. By living there I was able to reunite with my family and friends. Sue and Kathy at Goodens have helped me so very much, as well as the staff at Community Mental Health, where I attend group therapy and see a therapist.

I’m now taking personal responsibility for rebuilding everything about me – by controlling my diabetes, my diet, getting the proper amount of sleep, keeping appointments with doctors, therapists, groups and taking my medications as prescribed.

I do all this by taking it One Day At A Time and by Keeping A Positive Outlook On Life!