Action Group Update

At this month’s Action Group meeting on February 8, we started out by having a leadership activity called “Qualities of a Leader”. This activity helped the group members think about the qualities that well-known leaders possess. They then noticed how they themselves carry some of these same qualities. They honored each other by naming these qualities in others. This leadership activity was something new to get the group “pumped” about what we are here to do, which is to be leaders among our communities. It also helped participants keep in mind that these are all wonderful qualities that we all have and to continue to look for ways to use everyone’s leadership qualities in the work of our group. Each month a new activity on leadership will be held to get the meetings started.

The Action Group members also went over the Action Group DRAFT Charge and made its recommendations to finalize by the March 14 meeting. This document will be used to explain to others what we do as a group and help keep us focused on our priorities.

Northwestern Michigan Michigan College (NMC) Visual Communications Department has graciously accepted NLCMHA as their design project for the semester and a team of students will be creating posters on stigma for us to use throughout our counties during May is Mental Health Month. We are greatly looking forward to their hard work on getting the word out that stigma stinks! More information to come!

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 14 via video connection from the NLCMHA Cadillac, Grayling and TC offices. Everyone is welcome to attend!