Recovery Council July and August materials here

July minutes and agenda and August agenda are here. The Recovery Council reviewed the survey they’ve been developing to help with the Blueprint task of creating a strategy to regularly connect gaps in community resources needed to support consumers in places where consumers regularly gather. The group also brainstormed on how we might pilot using the new 5 Stages in the Recovery Process training video and heard some feedback from some of the staff in the units who were asked about using the video in their trainings. In July, Val gave an update on the state’s work toward using the REE (Recovery Enhancing Environment) survey by Priscilla Ridgway and in August Dave Branding gave more information. The state is getting closer to having some decisions made on how the REE will be implemented. The council deferred in-depth work on the policy which defines recovery (as described in the Blueprint) until September. The group discussed how policy-writing is a bit different than what most people are used to — the language it uses will operationalize recovery at Northern Lakes. Council members turned in some initial policy work for Mary Beth to compile to review in next month’s meeting.