Crisis Welcoming Center OPEN HOUSE July 15, Noon-2 pm


OPEN HOUSE — Friday, July 15, 12:00-2:00 PM

We are having an Open House for the community to see the Crisis Welcoming Center.

Many people came together to work on filling this gap and helping to ensure the center is truly welcoming and useful for all. The Open House is a chance to celebrate our collective efforts! We hope you will join us at our Traverse City office, 105 Hall Street, first floor (parking and entrance in back of the building).

The new NLCMHA Crisis Welcoming Center is now open 7 days a week, from noon to midnight. It is a place where people of all ages, regardless of insurance, can walk in during a mental health crisis and get help right away. We’ve started with 12 hours each day, 7 days a week, and hope to expand to 24 hours by this fall.

The intent is to stabilize a crisis whenever possible, reduce the need to go to the hospital emergency department, and provide an alternative to incarceration for law enforcement to help people in a mental health crisis.

We invite you to come and take a look on Friday, July 15, from 12:00 to 2:00 PM!