A long time ago, someone told me that I was not good enough to do a lot of things I wanted to in life. Those things at the time seemed like huge goals that because of that one person, I would not be able to meet. I remember looking at that person and wondering how they got in the position they did because it definitely was not from being a positive individual. Years later, I now sit here and think about those goals and smile as I have realized that I have long passed those previous goals that at one time seemed so large, yet now seem funny. I guess I got mad and I should thank that person for being so cruel and telling me I could not succeed at something because, in all honesty, without that negativity in my life, I would not have found the challenges I face today as just that – challenges.

It only takes one person to motivate you and that person is you; it comes from within. Until you realize the capability you have as an individual, negativity will always feel like a driving force in your life. Remember to look at things like they are an easy task to accomplish and don’t be so hard on yourself all the time. No one gets things perfect the first time around (or I would be living in a huge house with a brand new car and my kids would be wearing designer clothes in all the latest fashion trends!). Although I have not yet made it as far as I would like to have made it in life by now, I look at that too as a challenge. What do I have to do next to make the next smaller step towards my own personal success? What do I have to go through to get there? Who will be there with me along the way supporting me if things go wrong?

Never stop believing in yourself because you have the inner ability to work through anything in life you set your mind to. Although a long time ago someone told me I couldn’t do something, I realized that because of them, I DID do something. . . I made it this far in life and have four wonderful children to walk along side of me learning how to grow with me instead of being told to. Expectations fall short in life when you expect the finest things to happen automatically. Go slow and remember that failure at first is okay and to get up from that and learn and continue on. Good luck!