Bob: My Recovery to Mental Health

I am 73 years old. In my life I received two degrees from Michigan State, one in Physics and Mathematics, and the other in Administration. I served my country as an officer on Active Duty for 3-1/2 years, and took care of my mother for 33 years, from the time I got out of the Army in 1967 for hardship reasons.

When I first shared my recovery story in 2007, I talked about stress, lack of importance and not having a career and family which caused a psychotic break in my personality in 1978. I now believe, in addition, that the demonic caused me to do strange things. At that time, I was trying to obey God but was really obeying the demonic influence. I had impure thoughts in my mind. The psychiatrist I was seeing at the time said I was having a “psychotic break with reality.”  On December 8, 1988, Jesus Christ delivered me of the demonic intrusions in my mind, when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. So I don’t have that problem now. But this demonic intrusion also caused a chemistry change in my brain, which makes it necessary to be on anti-psychotic medication. I have tried several times to stop the medication, but when I get off the medication, I become psychotic and it also affects my self-worth. My brain chemistry needs to heal before I can reduce or stop the anti-psychotic medication.

Also, controlling stress, feeling important, and giving and receiving Agape love (God’s kind of love) is very important for my healing.

It is important to me to help others.