Cadillac News: “Rising above the poverty line”

Jeff Miller has a unique perspective on financial stability. He doesn’t use the traditional markers - how many material items he has or assets bought and traded on the stock exchange - to determine whether he has financial stability. Instead, the 36-year-old uses a much simpler way to come to that conclusion - are all the bills paid and are all the basic needs of his family met?

Cadillac News: “Hitting close to home: A Survivor’s Story”

Lynn Fuller won’t be afraid to speak up the next time she thinks someone is depressed or might be considering suicide. Unfortunately, Fuller learned that lesson the hard way. Last October, Fuller’s brother died by suicide. Fuller said it was no secret that her brother was depressed, and he even was in therapy to help him deal with his depression. Despite knowing all of this, Fuller said when she got the phone call that her brother had died, it was unexpected.

Inspirational Art: Gift of painting will benefit recovery art groups (Grand Traverse Insider)

Dr. Frank Tosiello of Traverse City recently donated a painting to Northern Lakes Community Mental Health (CMH) to be auctioned with proceeds to benefit the organization’s free recovery art groups. The painting was sold to anonymous donors who then donated the painting back to the mental health organization for permanent display. Dr. Tosiello’s gift raised $510, which will be used to purchase paint, paper and other supplies to support people learning to use art as a means to live a healthier, less stressful life.

Doctor gives the gift of art: Painting nets hundreds for mental health organization

TRAVERSE CITY -- Dr. Frank Tosiello found a way to combine his passion for painting and his commitment to the mental health community by offering one of his paintings for sale to benefit Northern Lakes Community Mental Health. The painting, a replica of Rembrandt's "A Woman Bathing in a Stream," was sold to an anonymous purchaser for $510, who then donated the painting back to the mental health organization for permanent display. Proceeds raised from the sale will be used for art supplies for free-to-the-community art groups.

Cadillac News: “Finding Happiness”

It’s late winter and we’re living in a depressed economy, but that doesn’t mean your emotional well-being has to suffer. Val Bishop, chief operating officer at Northern Lakes Community Mental Health for six regional counties, offers simple ways to enhance your happiness while living in a bad economy:

Cadillac News: “Insuring mental health: closing the gap”

by Jeff Broddle NOTE: A recent telephone survey of adults…

MACMHB Blog Features Northern Lakes’ Public Relations Efforts

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Reynolds Witnesses Mental Health Bill Signing

Ernest Reynolds was one of a delegation who attended Governor…

NLCMH Board Passes Parity Resolution

The governing board of Northern Lakes Community Mental Health…