Two video clips from The Today Show and a book, “Strong At The Broken Places”

A series that aired on The Today Show and a new book by Richard M. Cohen, called Strong at the Broken Places, are worth mentioning here for those looking for hope in their recovery. The Today Show series is all about the new book and it includes interviews with people whose stories are highlighted in the book.

One of our good friends, Larry Fricks of the Appalachian Consulting Group of Georgia, is featured in this book and on The Today Show, along with others who are living with chronic illnesses.

Bonded by their will to live January 9, 2008:
This 7-1/2 minute video interviews the five people who are living with chronic illness that are featured in the book. The interview speaks to the value of love, our connectedness and sameness, and the importance of gratitude and hope.

Living with mental illness – January 9, 2008
This 8-1/2 minute video interview focuses mainly on Larry Fricks. It features Larry’s life and work as an advocate, as well the consumer memorial project he is leading throughout the U.S. to build a monument in Washington DC to honor people who died in state hospitals in the past. There’s a movie about this memorial project called Recovered Dignity. We have copies of this movie, along a discussion panel about it which features Northern Lakes CMH consumers, and will make them available in each office soon.

If you would like to see any of these video clips and stories, just click on the bolded words above.