Walk A Mile In My Shoes Rally 2012

What a picture perfect day! There was a teeny bit of rain but only for a couple minutes – the rest of the day was just fantastic! Estimates are that attendance exceeded 2,100 people – a record!

Mary Beth Evans, our NLCMHA Recovery Coordinator, was an excellent MC. Give her a microphone and she is a natural at pumping up a large group!

This year there was the special Mental Health America bell at the rally. This bell was made from the melted down shackles which used to restrain patients with mental illness in old state hospitals. It turns something very dark into into a symbol of hope.

Everyone did such a great job speaking their statement into the microphone on the Capitol steps.

Crawford – Working on recovery and a life of health and wellness is my journey that takes time and daily work. With the coping skills support and tools I’ve learned, my life can be much happier. I have walked this road and understand how I can help others who are living with a mental illness. Learning to accept responsibility for my Illness gives me strength and determination. Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

Grand Traverse – Stigma is the wall that people have to walk through in order to reach for recovery. End stigma and discrimination. Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

Leelanau – In Leelanau County, and all across the whole country, our veterans need help. Help with mental health treatment, affordable housing, and support. Let’s remember to support our veterans… Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

Missaukee – Sometimes the biggest hills we climb aren’t always the ones that we can see. For some people, life’s obstacles can seem more like mountains. People with mental illness need support and compassion. Understanding is everything! Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

Roscommon – One in five people have a mental illness that can keep us from the quality of life we deserve. Certified Peer Support Specialists are part of the solution and I’m proud to be one of them! Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

Wexford – Mental illness can knock you down pretty hard. The world would say we are too weak and should stay put. It takes strength to get back up, but when we do we are even stronger than we knew. Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

This year we were also able to go on a special tour of the Capitol building. No one in our group had been on a tour before and everyone was so impressed with the gorgeous architecture and artistry. We saw the Rotunda, the Governor’s Office, the original Supreme Court room, the House of Representatives and Senate floors, and more. It was very powerful to see where our state laws are made!