Special Opportunity! Free Conflict Resolution Workshop

When you are in a heated disagreement with someone, do you…

  • Make sure that you get your point across, or
  • Hold back, waiting for a better time to deal with it, or
  • Make sure the other one gets what they want, or
  • Agree to give a little if they do too, or
  • Figure out a way to make it work for everybody?

There’s always more than one way to deal with conflict. In this workshop, we learn how to listen up and speak out so that the things that really matter to us can get addressed. Conflict can be a chance for positive change. These are skills that can be used at work or with our family and friends.

A special opportunity is open for people who receive services at Northern Lakes CMH and their family members. Creative Conflict Resolution, a three-hour workshop, will be offered four times in the next month – one time in each of our four office locations:

  1. Friday, August 30 – 9 AM to Noon – Traverse City Office, 105 Hall Street
  2. Monday, Sept. 9 • 9 AM to Noon – Grayling Office, 204 Meadows Dr.
  3. Monday, Sept. 9 • 1-4:00 PM – Cadillac Office, 527 Cobbs St.
  4. Tuesday, Sept. 10 • 1-4:00 PM – Houghton Lake Office, 2715 S. Townline Rd.

To sign up, contact:

  • Traverse City – Cindy Petersen at 231-935-3099 or Leslie Sladek at 231-933-4907.
  • Grayling, Cadillac, Houghton Lake – Rosemary Rokita at 800-337-8598.