#Tools4Resilience is a virtual education series of one-hour presentations on a variety of topics intended to help people build their resilience and learn strategies for self-care.

May 4: Letting go of the heavy backpack: working through difficult situations

Learn how to communicate in a positive way to help others. Learn techniques how to handle situations where people might become angry, or behaviors escalate.

May 9: Navigating conflict resolution.

Skills and tips to practice to positively and constructively communicate with people in your work or personal life.

May 11: A DOSE of Life.

Increase and balance your happy hormones to become more resilient by taking control and living your life!

May 16: Developing cultural intelligence.

Gain an inside view of individual bias to increase understanding and for personal development.

May 18: Strong foundation, bright futures: building a healthy tomorrow.

An overview of the parent-infant relationship and its impact on mental health, wellbeing, and resiliency.

May 23: Trying to keep yourself safe online.

A roundtable discussion on ways to thwart common techniques scammers use to steal our financial and personal data.

May 25: Health is our wealth.

Choices to holistically integrate your physical and mental health in order to achieve optimal health. Techniques to advocate for yourself with a primary care provider, food as medicine, and more!