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Just Dreaming Again…

Time is odd when you are dreaming. Sometimes the whole night goes in a flash. Other times, it seems like hours, but on the clock only a few minutes have passed. I’ve heard from people recently that dreaming has meanings: that there are books, encyclopedias, therapy sessions, just about everything imaginable, on how to interpret […]

Death is no stranger to people with mental illness, by Mary Beth Evans

Death is no stranger to people with mental illness. Throughout history, those with mental illness have been neglected, shunned, and even killed because of the belief that they are “bewitched,” “crazy,” “retarded,” etc. Some believed it was even contagious. Excluded from society, without support, they died. Although times have changed and the recovery movement has […]

Time Management

One thing at a time and that done best is one of the oldest pieces of advice handed down from generation to generation. This would be ideal if life politely waited for us to get one task done before beginning another or sending another task our way. Unfortunately, life is not ideal all of the […]

A Challenge!

Okay, I’m hoping that EVERYONE will get involved in this and help out. We have had well over 100 people attend our monthly Learning Community Meetings throughout our six counties. The meetings have been very successful –  they are for the community to get involved, get informed, and hopefully get active. WE NEED YOUR HELP! […]

Recovery Council Meeting – June 2009

The June RC meeting was very productive, as always. (See June Agenda and May Minutes.) Some Council assignments were postponed because of CARF accreditation surveys and other schedule conflicts. The Council reviewed its “job descriptions” as shown in the NLCMHA Recovery Council Concept Paper.  Also discussed was how to get more folks involved in ALL […]

Stereotypes and Stigma

I went into a local store where I live a few weeks back and saw a woman and her two sons standing at the cash register fully clothed from head to toe in almost 70 degree weather. I assumed this was because of their religion because, growing up, we were taught that people who looked […]

Art of Recovery: The Human Journey Show

I have never seen such enthusiasm my whole life as I did while attending the art opening at the Traverse City Inside Out Art Gallery on November 19. Even though the show will continue through December 17, the power of recovery was especially alive and beaming in that room at the opening reception. Despite the […]

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) groups starting in each office

Congratulations to Susan (Traverse City), Todd (Cadillac), Nan (Cadillac), Ernie (Houghton Lake), and Terri (Houghton Lake/Grayling), who have all completed requirements and are Certified WRAP facilitators. This was not an easy task to complete, so kudos to them for continuing to make the NLCMHA Recovery Movement come alive! Each person who was recently certified will […]

NLCMH Staff are Great!

Late last week I sat in on a meeting with about a dozen or so staff who mostly work with adults with mental illness as they discussed the paperwork requirements of their jobs. I was shocked at the RECOVERY movement that was happening in that room! With just a few words being said, it was […]