This is a professional position assigned within a variety of settings.  Although the expectations for the position may vary from program to program, the overall primary function for this position is to assure that nursing, health and wellness programming is appropriate and suitable. This position reports to the Nursing Supervisor, as assigned.  This position has no direct supervision responsibilities.


ESSENTIAL POSITION FUNCTIONS (listing Position Specific functions first):

  • Hybrid office-based position between psychiatric services and the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team.
  • Assist with general Psychiatric Services / Clinic nursing duties as needed.
  • Assist and support ACT RN with nursing duties.
  • Provide back up support to ACT RN during leaves of absence (scheduled and unscheduled).
  • Manage the Psychiatric Services Only (PSO) program. This will include the following:
    1. Providing oversight and case management of this population.
    2. Keeping an up-to-date census of persons served within PSO.
    3. Requesting reauthorization when appropriate and making sure all authorizations are current.
    4. Linking, as appropriate, PSO persons served with primary care providers.
    5. Participating in the completion and documentation of assessments (IPOS, Nursing Assessment, BHTEDS, LOCUS, AIMS, Financial Determination and Crisis plan, if indicated, etc.).
  • Set up and distribute medications as directed.
  • May observe the medication set up of persons served.
  • Assist in set up of medications for persons served.
  • Administer medications and perform other medical procedures such as medication injections, according to applicable policies/procedures and standards as appropriate.
  • Participate in interdisciplinary staffing meetings and other pertinent meetings.
  • Act as a consultant to co-workers as well as other providers in the greater mental health system.
  • Provide information and resources to interested parties relative to specific diagnoses, health concerns, etc.
  • Participate in quality assurance case review procedures, including person served satisfaction.
  • Collaborate with persons served (and staff) in assessing their nursing needs, develop treatment goals, objectives, methodologies, timeliness, and evaluate progress toward nursing/health goals.
  • Be responsible for conducting nursing assessments, as needed.
  • Conduct nursing and health care appraisals.
  • Maintain knowledge of mental health symptomatology, intervention and treatment strategies.
  • Coordinate services with other community agents (i.e. Pharmacies, PCP) to enhance integrated service delivery.


Registered Nursing degree with appropriate licensure; BSN preferred. Additional certification may be required.  



Two (2) years of experience in providing services to those who have mental health illness is highly desirable.