Northern Lakes Community Mental Health Authority (NLCMHA) recognizes the value of and employs people with lived experience and believes strongly in Recovery and a Culture of Gentleness. To this end, this position requires a commitment to creating and maintaining a culture that “Expects Recovery” and “Encourages Gentleness.”


Employees in this clinical position are responsible for ensuring continuity of services, with a primary responsibility for assuring that the five case management functions are carried out: assessment, planning, linking, monitoring and advocacy. This employee is an advocate and service broker for the child and family, a resource to treatment staff, and provides parent education. Case manager will participate in NLCMH’s multi-system team that addresses the needs of children with IDD/ASD and those dually diagnoses. Works closely with System of Care (SOC), community partners, ISD/Schools, Health Care, Family Court, and DHHS. The case Manager reports to the Operations Manager as assigned. This position has no direct supervisory responsibilities.


ESSENTIAL POSITION FUNCTIONS (listing Position Specific functions first):


  • Demonstrate commitment to fulfilling duties within a System of Care for Children with IDD and IDD/SED (dually diagnosed), and their families. Collaborate closely with the SOC partners:  Family, MDHHS, Family Court, Healthcare Providers, and ISD/Schools.
  • Coordinate Person-Centered Planning. In doing so, attends to the total spectrum of the individual’s needs, including but not necessarily limited to, housing, family relationship, social activities, education, finance, employment, health, recreation, mobility, protective services and records.
  • Collaborate with consumers, family, and providers assessing their needs, develop treatment goals, objectives, methodologies, timelines, and evaluate progress toward goals.
  • Locate, obtain, and coordinate services outside and inside the CMH system as indicated by the individual treatment plan (ABA providers, Speech, OT, etc.)
  • Coordinate services related to Autism Benefits as required by MDHHS.
  • Conduct comprehensive, quality assessments of both the children and their families.
  • Provide supportive services identified in IPOS to the consumer and his/her family.
  • Provide crisis intervention services when appropriate.
  • Intervene when necessary to assure implementation of the plan
  • Request, when necessary, review of the individual program plan by the individual’s interdisciplinary team.
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary team evaluation and review for assigned consumers, as indicated.
  • Conduct orientation and annual psychosocial assessment of individual consumer needs.
  • Evaluate, facilitates, and monitors services and consumers progress in relationship to established goals and objectives and document as appropriate.
  • Establish and maintain an effective liaison between NLCMHA and outside providers.
  • Participate in Quality Assurance case review procedures, including consumer satisfaction.
  • Maintain current knowledge of mental health symptomatology, intervention, and treatment strategies.
  • Monitor treatment plan follow-up, services to consumer, and over-all conditions. Works with the providers to make necessary improvements.       Follow-up problem areas as appropriate.
  • Facilitate consumer’s benefits (e.g. SSI, Medicaid, SSB, Medicare), linking families to resources to help support their needs.
  • Review and coordinate with team and provider on decision involving hospitalization, respite and/or transfers/level of care changes. Implements plan of action.
  • Complete all documentation according to policy and unit guidelines.



Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from an accredited university, or a Degree in Nursing.

One (1) year of experience in developmental disabilities or mental illness areas is preferred.



Must have licensure with the State of Michigan as a Licensed Bachelors Social Worker, Limited Licensed Bachelors Social Worker Licensed Master professional in a related Mental Health discipline, or licensed RN considered. Must maintain licensure.