Services Offered

Northern Lakes CMH manages and provides assessment and a wide range of services and supports: (In addition to meeting medically necessary criteria, services listed below marked with an asterisk * require a doctor's prescription.)

For Persons with Substance Abuse Disorders through Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services (1-800-686-0749 or TDD-TTY users dial 711 to access Michigan Relay Center)

Northern Lakes Community Mental Health (CMH) serves people with mental illness, emotional disturbance and developmental disabilities living in these six Michigan counties: Crawford, Grand Traverse, Leelanau, Missaukee, Roscommon, and Wexford. Priority is given to individuals with the most severe forms of serious mental illness, serious emotional disturbance, and developmental disability.
We accept private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Adult Benefit Waiver, MI Child and Healthy Kids. If you do not have these forms of insurance, or if your insurance does not cover the full cost of your services, you are assessed on a sliding fee scale based on your income. Any charges will be made known to you prior to treatment. You will not be denied services due to your inability to pay for those services.

If you are a Medicaid beneficiary and have a serious mental illness, or serious emotional disturbance, or developmental disabilities, or substance use disorder, you may be eligible for some of the Mental Health Medicaid Specialty Supports and Services listed above.

Before services can be started, you will take part in an assessment to find out if you are eligible for services. It will also identify the services that can best meet your needs. You need to know that not all people who come to us are eligible, and not all services are available to everyone we serve. If a service cannot help you, your Community Mental Health will not pay for it. Medicaid will not pay for services that are otherwise available to you from other resources in the community.

CMH services and supports are provided using a process called "Person-Centered Planning" which recognizes your right to control the direction of your life.

During the person-centered planning process, you will be helped to figure out the medically necessary services that you need and the sufficient amount, scope and duration required to achieve the purpose of those services. You will also be able to choose who provides your supports and services. You will receive an individual plan of service that provides all of this information. You may be interested in having an "Independent Facilitator" to help you develop your individual plan of service and run your Person-Centered Planning meeting. A current list of independent facilitators is included in the Provider Directory below.