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Traverse House - Traverse City Clubhouse"Where members help members"

105 Hall Street, Suite B
Traverse City, MI 49684
(231) 922-2060

Traverse House: What It Is
Traverse House Units
Kitchen Unit
Café Unit
Clerical Unit
Transitional Employment Program (TEP)

Traverse House: What It Is

Traverse House is a community-based psychosocial rehabilitation program for people with a severe and persistent mental illness. Members act as a support group and are a vital part of the success of the clubhouse. Members of the Traverse House and other clubhouses participate regularly and contribute to the overall governance of the clubhouse operation. Members participate as often and to the extent they feel most comfortable. Members carry out the work of the club and make decisions pertaining to the clubhouse alongside staff, as a group effort.

The clubhouse helps people regain their self worth and independent living skills in order to live and work successfully in the community. Members participate regularly and contribute to the clubhouse as often and to the extent to which they feel comfortable. Members carry out the work of the clubhouse and make decisions for the clubhouse as a group, by consensus. The members act as a support group and are a vital component to the success of the clubhouse.

The clubhouse is host to many activities and groups throughout each week. Please call for weekly agenda.

Traverse House is based on the model of Fountain House in New York, NY, which began in 1948 and was the first program of its kind. Traverse House is focused on the standards of the International Center for Clubhouse Development.

Traverse House Units

Each unit is designed to provide the clubhouse with needed services. Traverse House members are given the opportunity to decide which unit to participate in and contribute to.

Through the Kitchen, Café, and Clerical Units, along with the Transitional Employment program, members and staff partner together to run the Traverse House. Through daily involvement, members can begin to develop a sense of belonging and can build self-esteem. Also at the clubhouse, members have the opportunity to socialize with others and can work on developing long-lasting friendships.

The Kitchen Unit

The Kitchen Unit operates Monday through Friday and is responsible for preparing and serving lunch and dinner on a daily basis. The kitchen unit also handles the food budget, menu planning, grocery shopping and clean up of the kitchen and dining area.

The Café Unit

The Café is open Monday through Saturday and is managed by members. The Café Unit is responsible for selling snacks and refreshments, ordering the food to be sold and maintaining the Café.

The Clerical Unit

The Clerical Unit produces a daily newsletter for the membership and creates a monthly newsletter. Members learn basic computer principles and clerical skills such as filing, telephone operation, and community outreach. The Clerical Unit completes clerical tasks as required to complete the business of the clubhouse.

Transitional Employment

The Employment Services Unit enables members of the clubhouse to re-enter the work force with ongoing support and assistance. This unit assists individuals with job applications, resumes, interviews and job searches. This unit also offers ongoing informational seminars related to employment, such as CPR, Department of Human Services (DHS) information, medication review, etc.

Individual placements – This placement allows the individual to experience a position in the workplace for a six- to nine-month time period. The employee is paid directly by the employer. If this is a positive and progressive experience for the employee and employer, the individual may apply as a competitive employee and work independent of the Clubhouse. If the job-worker match is not conducive to progression, the Traverse House would then train and place an alternative member in the position.